Este proyecto nació como parte de las soluciones que se idearon para proteger al foro contra un ataque de DDoS.

De esta forma podemos rastrear a los bots de una manera eficiente y efectiva usando el servicio de google.

Gracias a esta información se pudo hacer un reporte bastante completo del ataque, el cual esta disponible acontinuación:

En tan solo el mes de febrero, hemos calculado que aproximadamente 16,691 personas han sido infectadas con un virus que se propaga vía MSN Messenger, con el objetivo de realizar ataques de denegación de servicio, generando 6,331,995 peticiones en 189,723 ataques, desde 67,333 direcciones IP, 885 ISPs, y 67 países distintos.

Pueden descargar el reporte del ataque de aquí:

Reporte del DDoS

Y el reporte de Analytics aquí:

Reporte de Google Analytics

Después se decidio hacer el proyecto público, y así nacio nojsstats.

Web del proyecto:

Descripción oficial en español

Para rastrear emails, paginas wap, etc.. solo usa una imagen que apunta al __utm.gif de googleanalytics.

Tiene implementada ya las cookies para visitas/paginas vistas/visitantes/etc..

Código HTML
<img src="">

UA-12345-11 es tu id de Analytics es tu dominio
el referrer es opcional, si tu pagina es dinamica (php,asp) lo debes poner dinamicamente.

El codigo rastrea la IP del visitante en UserDefinedValue

No rastreas soporte de Flash
No rastreas soporte de Java
No rastreas colores de pantalla
No rastreas resolucion
No puedes rastrear el titulo de la pagina


Descripción oficial en ingles

Do you want to use Google Analytics in your website, but you want to support:
  • Mobile Users
  • Users with javascript disabled (NoScript users).
Or you want to track visits using Google Analytics on sites like:

  • BBS (Forums, phpBB, SMF, vBB) track your posts modifying your signature (bbcode).
  • Emails track your email views using google analytics.
  • eBay, craiglists, etc.. see who visits your posts.
Are you tired of very bad image / counter based statistics? You want to use google analytics?

Well, you can do it very easily with NoJSStats.

NoJSStats uses Google App Engine, and is a free public service that allows you to track your visitors using just an image, CSS background, or anything that allows external resource requests in the website you want to track.

Just point an image to the site with your account details, and you are good to go!

The format of the URL in the public service is:

For example:

Example (HTML code):
<img src="" />

Example (BBCode):

Example (CSS code):
background: url("");

Important Notice:
If your website uses SSL, you have to point to our SSL version:

Only use the SSL version if your website uses SSL.

Is the service down?
Don't worry, it will probably be online in the next few minutes, our free demo service is hosted on a shared public account, but if you have a big website that requires 24/7 availability, you can contact me at and I'll help you set up a dedicated account for your site if you donate (you only have to do this once) 10 USD to the free public service, so other users can continue to have a good service (if you buy me a beer or are a beautifull girl, I can do it for free.. but in general 10 USD is the rule).

Is this official?
No, it's not and if you are concerned about privacy issues you should send me an email so I can help you set up your own account.

Free? Where's the catch?
Actually, I wanted to release this code as open source, but I received an email detailing why that could bring me a lot of troubles, so instead I decided to run a free service (if I setup the account in your own dedicated account, I wont have access to your request logs, if you dont I will have access and I will review them so I can see if there's a specific account generating too much trafic to the other free members, so I can disable it).

Why referrers are not working correctly?
Since your browser wont send to the image the website that requested the serving page, you have to tell our service what's the referrer manually.
You can do that using the "r" HTTP GET argument.

Hey! I'm getting my users IP addresses, wow!
Yeah, as a bonus, we send your visitor IP address as "User Supplied Value".. :)

Something is broken! FIX IT!
Hey, if the service suddenly stops working or starts sending wrong data, you can let me know, but in general I'm not a callcenter/emailcenter/customer support/whatever.

If you have problems with your google account use Google's support channels:

Also, you could try stop using this service (if you think that's causing any problems).

The fact that you donated, makes a lot of users grateful with you, but doesn't imply any type of warranty or anything.