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Warzone VM


This is a javascript/PHP implementation of a low level virtual machine.

It has a similar syntax to Intel ASM.


The Wazm standard is the only accepted standard for the WZVM project. This document contains the correct syntax that the WZVM accepts. It also shows the standard interruptions, but this ones can be modified depending on
the implementation of the WZVM.
This program is not intended to emulate Assembly language at all. This program is based on the "Simulador" problem (Mexican 1st Preselective test IOI 2006).
We work on a Virtual Machine (WZVM), that runes not in bytes, but in wytes. The wytes can hold up to any signed number between -9999,9999 There are 10 registers, e0x,e1x,e2x,e3x,e4x,e5x,e6x,e7x,e8x,e9x You have a reserved stack memory of 10,000 wytes. The WZVM is able to hold strings, in memory using C style, if the value is bigger
than 255 the asumed value is '\0'.
There is another type of memory, the zyte memory, it can only store a value between
0 and 999.
This memory only is accesible to the WZVM, and has a limited memory of 999 zytes.